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We value  Strength — Our name is inspired by the Dutch term “Sterk Zijn”, meaning acute, concentrated, firm, strong—stronger together. Our name is trusted, our founders are experienced, and our team is stronger together.

We value Unity — Our stronger together motto is advocated by our commitment to professional unity. Whether at a hospital or educational institute, our presence, our work, our professionalism, our capabilities, and our due diligence are all performed in unison.

We value  Cohesion — Our promise of unity is echoed in our dedication to cohesion. At Sterk, we are stronger together because we are all interconnected; we understand our clients and our team understands each other. We work together as a strong, united, and cohesive front, with absolutely no room for weak links.

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Our History

Who We Are

Sterk is the most trusted source for professional,
high level, on-site security.


With a legacy of 30 plus years in hospital security, Sterk's co-founders have become true leaders in this professional sector, and are training others to adopt the same roles at Sterk Security Solutions.

Sterk’s primary focus is to instill safety and security in the professional world. Dedicated to protection services, at Sterk we pride ourselves on bringing ultimate safety and offering reliable security to a variety of professional sectors, including hospitals, government agencies, and educational institutes.


Sterk is a name you can trust because for over three decades, Sterk's co-founders have been providing peace of mind, security, and relaxation to hospitals, institutions, small business, and homeowners in London and Southwestern Ontario.

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Security Leaders


The combined experience of Sterk's co-founders in hospital security has allowed them to become influential and trustworthy leaders who are capable of teaching, training, and mentoring the high-level Sterk Security Guards.

  • We value Strength & Training
  • We value Unity & Guarding Together
  • We value Cohesion & Protection
  • We value Strength & Training
  • We value Unity & Guarding Together
  • We value Cohesion & Protection

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Join our team and start your career as a Sterk Security Solutions security guard. It’s our mission to recruit the best, as we are always looking for professional, highly motivated, and well presented security personnel to join our team.

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At Sterk, we equip our security guards with professional, effective, and top-level tools
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