Strength | Unity | Cohesion


Sterk Security Solutions is dedicated to mitigating confrontations at the workplace, by employing reputable measures of safety and security.

The Sterk approach to security seeks to encourage individual freedom, mobility, and association at work and in professional society overall. We have great respect for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and work to ensure all clients—while in our custody and under our watch—are able to go about their professional lives while exercising their full rights.

Professionalism & Commitment

We Value Unity

Our stronger together motto is advocated by our commitment to professional unity. Whether at hospitals, government agencies, or educational institutes, our presence, our work, our professionalism, our capabilities, and our due-diligence are all performed in unison.

Stronger Together

Dutch term "Sterk Zijn"

Our name is inspired by the Dutch term “Sterk Zijn”, meaning acute, concentrated, firm, strong—stronger together. Our name is trusted, our founders are experienced, and our team is stronger together.



We pride ourselves on being an upper echelon security organization. By always having the best person doing the job. While on the job, we keep a close, diligent, and tireless watch at all times—ensuring ultimate safety and security.

At Sterk Security Solutions, we strive to keep clients safe and secure at all times, by:

  • Appearing visibly on site

  • Reacting to all situations of uncertainty

  • Mitigating interferences

  • Removing harm from every situation

  • Preventing incidences from occurring

Diligent and Tireless Guards

Our Corporate

social responsibility

At Sterk, we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry because of the talent we provide and the services we provide. Aligned with the Government of Canada’s guidelines to Corporate Social Responsibility, we operate our solutions company in “an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.”
  • Employee Principled Workplace

    Following industry standards, procedures, and regulations, as well as assuring a safe, clean, and professional work environment for all of our employees.
  • Client & Community Growth

    We keep clients & communities safe and protected by deterring harm, mischief, vandalism, violence, and disservice.
  • Sterk's CSR Approach

    We run and operate our company with utmost transparency and respect for the law. Our security guards are highly trained and certified and our clients work in the most professional and varied of fields.
  • Develop & Train

    We train experienced security professionals to uphold the highests standards of security and build lifelong careers.

Work With

Sterk Security Solutions

Sterk is your starting point—and final destination—for utmost safety and security.
Our team is made up of diverse security guards, from recent graduates to experienced professionals, who we educate, train, and prepare for life-long careers in security.
Join the Sterk Team
We hire recent graduates and experienced security professionals and train them to become the very best in the industry. We provide them with platforms to hone their existing knowledge and skill sets, as well as further training as security professionals.